"RAEM" Security Barriers

The "RAEM" barrier is a unique and exclusive new product, developed by Raem Security Products owned by "Tehila" Metal Works Group Ltd.

The "RAEM" barrier was created to respond to a growing need for a quick-assembly barrier and capable of stopping a heavy vehicle rushing towards an exposed target.

The "RAEM" barrier is patent pending worldwide, international patent application no. PCTIL2018050833.

The "RAEM" barrier has been proven to bring a test vehicle to a complete stop within 13.6 m, as per a 2018 test, based on the Reference Standard PAS 68:2013, IWA 14-1:2013, ASTM F2656-15.

The "RAEM" barrier has successfully passed all tests and meets the following standards: IWA 14-1:2013; PAS 68:2013; and ASTM F2656-15.

The basic barrier ( kit ) of the "RAEM" includes a 31 inch (80 cm) block, consisting of 8 parts with a total weight of 130kg (286lbs) per meter.
The color of the "RAEM" barrier may be selected by the customer. It is formed using the technologically sophisticated electrodeposition coating technique so as to be fully weather resistant.

The "RAEM" barrier kit can include means of transportation and positioning including:
Canvas bags,
Lifting handles and moving wheels.

Distributed by G.G Defense Systems Ltd. as G.G.D.F PARB TM.
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