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RAEM Security Barrier

"RAEM" barrier is the unique and exclusive new product, patented and developed by Raem Security Products owned by "Tehila Metal Works Group L.T.D"

The "RAEM" barrier 
was created to provide an answer to a gap in security, with a need for a quick response barrier that is very fast for setup and capable of stopping a Bursting vehicle toward a secured target.

This patent, International Publication No.WO2019/035117 A1 
is fast and easy to assemble, to deploy or transport.

During 2018, We performed a test, based on the Reference Standard PAS 68:2013, IWA 14-1:2013, ASTM F2656-15 on our Portable Anti Ram Barrier mod.G.G.D.F PARB equivalent to RAEM Barrier.
Test Results: Portable Anti Rammig Barrier completely stopped test vehicle, causing Severe damage to the vehicle .The maximum penetration was recorded dynamically on the vehicle and was 13.6 m

Successfully passed all tests and Is valid for IWA 14-1:2013 standard + PAS 68:2013 and ASTM F2656-15 

The basic barrier ("Kit") containing:
31 inch (80 cm) block,
consists of 4 parts width and 4 parts length,
weighting a total of 130kg (286lbs) by meter
We use electrodeposition coating (EC)
we use Electrostatic painting - colors according to customer's choice

Means of transportation and moving can be added to the barrier such as:
Portable canvas bags,
Lifting handles and moving wheels.

Our main distributor is G.G Defense Systems Ltd ,With The barrier listed under the mode name G.G.D.F PARB
For more information, a list of distributors, demo,or quote, please contact us at the Link below


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Proven efficiency

Raem Barrier has passed all necessary tests and is proven operational in the field

Easy to transport

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Quick setup and Easy movement

The assembly time is extremely fast & Easily moveable without the need for tools or prior training

Rapid movement capability Assisted by wheels

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